Cheese & Rice Casserole*

*adapted from Betty Crocker's International Cookbook, 1980. [read more]

Tia's Terrific Tummy Satisfying Pancakes

[read more]

Apple and Calvados Coffee Cake

[read more]

Spicy Lamb Meatballs w/Tzatziki

From the NYC icon, Tavern on the Green in Central Park. [read more]

Sloppy Joes

Easy sloppy joe mix. [read more]

Austrian Egg Cake (Eierkuchen)

[read more]

Chocolate Sheet Cake

[read more]

Homemade Laundry Soap

Costs less than a penny a load! [read more]

Mexican Lasagne

This great recipe from my sister-in-law, Shawna, who lives in Mexico, Missouri. [read more]

All-Purpose Cleaner

[read more]

Glass Cleaner

This works better than any name-brand glass cleaner, if you ask me! And at a much more economical price! [read more]

Two-hour Buns

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Grandma Powell's Spaghetti Sauce

[read more]

Fresh Tomato Salsa

[read more]

Lumpia (Filipino Egg-Roll)

[read more]

Tomato-Cucumber Salad

[read more]

Extra Crispy Chicken Batter

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Egg & Sausage Casserole

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Cube Steak in Bread Crumbs

*increase the Omega-3 FA by using 1 ½ cup bread crumbs and ½ cup freshly ground flax seed. ¼ cup of flax seeds yields ½ cup of ground seeds. I use my electric coffee bean grinder for this purpose. [read more]

Pumpkin Seed Snacks

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Chuck Roast

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Refried Beans

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Quick Cheeseburger Pie

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Salsa Nancita

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Maria's Barbacoa Blanca

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Maria’s Lamb Broth

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[read more]

Classic Mayonnaise

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Old Settler's Baked Beans

[read more]

Lamb Bratwurst & Egg Noodles

[read more]

Herbal Hair Rinse

This hair rinse needs to be kept cool to prevent it from fermenting, so typically I only make about a quart/litre at a time. Use about ½ cup on your hair after shampooing. Great shine for dark hair and removing tangles once your hair is dry. Use chamomile for enhancing light hair. [read more]

Potato Fries

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Sausage-Brown Rice Casserole

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Korean Barbecued Beef (Bul-Ko-Kee)

[read more]

Mom's Goulash

Author: Frankie Levingston, Centennial Baptist Church (Mexico, MO) cookbook [read more]

Hamburger Soup

A quick and easy family favourite [read more]

Thai Leaves

Janet Allen, formerly from Kona, Hawaii, prepared and shared this great recipe with us when we stayed with in Hawaii, 1992 [read more]

Deviled Eggs

Thanks to Mrs Larry Olesen of Bethany Lutheran Church, Hurley, South Dakota from their 100th Anniversary 1877-1977 Cookbook. [read more]

Venetian Liver with Onions

[read more]

Sirloin Salad

Very attractive as well as palate-pleasing [read more]

One Pan Steak and Vegetables

2 lbs grass-finished cube steak (sliced into 1/4 inch strips) 4-5 medium potatoes (sliced 1/4 inch with skins) 3-4 carrots sliced into rounds 1/2 tablespoon black pepper 3-4 cloves minced garlic 3 tablespoons olive oil Be creative and add other vegetables such as greenbeans, peas, broccoli, peppers. Add the softer vegetables closer to the end of cooking time. [read more]

Beef Enchiladas

6 flour tortillas (whole wheat is best) 1 1/2 pounds grass-finished ground beef 2 cups shredded Monterey Jack cheese 3/4 cup dairy sour cream 3 tablespoons snipped dried parsley 2 cups diced fresh/frozen tomatoes (3 cans sauce) 1 tablespoon chili powder 1/4 teaspoon ground cumin 1/3 cup sliced pitted ripe olives (optional) [read more]

Roast Beef Salad

My Grandma Falconer made this great salad for Grandpa. It is a family favourite! [read more]

Pumpkin Bars

A great recipe Mrs James Reiners at Bethany Lutheran Church, Hurley, South Dakota (100th Anniversary, 1877-1977) [read more]

Barbecued Beef

[read more]

Beef Stew Provencale

[read more]

Red Cooked Beef (Hung Shao Niu Jo)

2 lbs boneless cube or round steak 3 tablespoons olive oil 1 1/2 cups water 1/4 soy sauce or 1/8 cup Bragg's liquid aminos 2 tablespoons dry white wine or sherry 1 teaspoon ground ginger 1 green onion, chopped, or 1/2 cup chopped onion 1 clove garlic, cut into halves 1 tablespoon sugar 1/8 teaspoon pepper sesame seeds (optional) [read more]

Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches

3-4 lb Roast sliced bread (whole wheat is best) 5 medium potatoes butter milk cornstarch or flour [read more]

Liver & Caramelized Onions

1 lb liver olive oil 2 big yellow onions (sliced coarsely) [read more]

Corned Beef

try this one from my friend, Sandra Best, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. [read more]

Egg in a Nest

Whole wheat, homemade bread Pastured eggs Butter from pastured cows. [read more]

Pumpkin Pie Filling

2 cups cooked pumpkin, winter squash, or sweet potatoes ? cup honey or maple syrup 1 tsp cinnamon ? tsp ground ginger ? tsp ground cloves ? tsp salt [read more]

Vegetable-Beef Medley

1 lb grass-finished ground beef 1 medium onion, chopped 1 lb sliced okra 1-cup fresh corn 4 medium tomatoes (sliced into 8 pieces) Salt & Pepper [read more]

Yorkshire Pudding

A traditional English side dish! [read more]

Baking Powder Biscuits

[read more]

Aussie Damper

2 cups flour 3 tsps baking powder ? teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons sugar 3 tablespoons butter 1-cup milk *omit baking powder if using self-rising flour. [read more]

Lamb Rice Pilaf

1 lb. boned shoulder cut into cubes 2 onions chopped 4 oz. butter 1 cup rice (8 oz./250mls.) 3 cups beef stock (24 oz./750mls) 1 teaspoon (5mls.) oregano (powder or fresh) salt and pepper to taste 1 tablespoon (20mls) tomato paste 1 tablespoon melted butter 1/2 cup raisins [read more]

The Baldpate Inn Cornbread

1 cup butter 1 cup sugar 4 farm-fresh eggs 2 cups creamed corn 1/2 cup Monterey Jack cheese, grated 1/2 cup Cheddar cheese, grated 1 cup white flour 1 cup yellow cornmeal 4 teaspoons baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt [read more]

Stuffed Green Peppers

2 large green peppers ? lb ground lamb 1/3 cup chopped onion 7 ? oz can diced tomatoes ? cup water ? long grain rice 1 tbl Worcestershire sauce ? tsp dried basil ? cup shredded American cheese [read more]

Australian Lamb Salad

1 leg of lamb, butterflied, salt and pepper to taste. (Actually I used backstrap, which is very lean and tender and saut饤 in an iron skillet with a tablespoon of olive oil.)Remember, though this is called Australian lamb, our grass-finished lamb is favorably comparable. Also, if the red onions are a bit strong for your taste, substitute a portion of them with red cabbage sliced thinly. This keeps a nice colour in the salad without the heat! Salad and Dressing 2 lbs sweet potatoes 2 tbl olive oil 2 bunches arugula, torn * 1 small red onion, halved and thinly sliced 6 ounces of feta cheese, crumbled 2 tbl red wine 1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil [read more]

Australian Leg of Lamb (brown sugar & sage)

1 leg of Lamb, bone-in (from The Master's Ranch!) 2 cloves garlic peeled and finely sliced ? cup brown sugar 2 tblsp dried sage ? lemon ? juice and zest [read more]

Pan-broiled Ribeye Steaks or Fillets

Rib Eyes cut 1 inch thick Olive oil Butter [read more]

Pan-broiled Noisettes

Treat the palate with royalty! [read more]

Hardtack - A Union Army Delicacy!?

Flour Water [read more]

Liver Mousse

2 tblsp finely chopped onion or shallot 1 tsp olive oil 1 garlic clove, minced 1/3 cup Cognac or other brandy 3/4-1 cup beef, lamb, or chicken liver 5 large egg yolks 1 cup real milk 1/4 cup unbleached flour 1 1/4 tsp salt 1/2 tsp black pepper 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg 1/4 tsp ground allspice 6 tblsp real butter Several bay leaves, preferably fresh Special Equipment: a 3-cup ovenproof crock or terrine [read more]


*modified from Betty Crocker's International Cookbook. [read more]

Egg Drop Soup*

*adapted from Betty Crocker's International Cookbook 1980 [read more]

Scrambled Eggs or Omelets

A quick meal for anytime of day! [read more]


Crust: 2 ? cups whole wheat/white flour mix 1 cup warm water 1 tablespoon yeast 1 tsp sugar 1 tablespoon olive oil Toppings: 1 can pizza sauce (15 oz) 3/4 cup Parmesan cheese 1 lb ground beef, browned and drained Mushrooms, sliced 2 cups mozzarella cheese Four cheese pizza: Parmesan Cheddar Provolone Mozzarella [read more]

Pancakes-whole wheat

This recipe is from the book, Prudence and the Millers, by Mildred A. Martin. [read more]

Belgian Waffles

Well worth the effort! [read more]

Chocolate Ice Cream

Important note: if your eggs, cream, and milk come from a clean supplier, use real (unprocessed) cream and milk and don't worry with cooking it all. If you buy your stuff from a store, absolutely cook it! [read more]

Mint Sauce for Lamb

Thank you to Ruth North, Laclede, for this New Zealand recipe for traditional mint sauce. [read more]

Pumpkin Soup

4 tablespoons real butter 1/2 cup diced onion 2 cups cooked, smashed pumpkin 1 tablespoon sugar 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 3 cups water 1/2 cup real cream 1 teaspoon salt or to taste [read more]

ANZAC Biscuits (bikky)

This recipe is for a biscuit called the ANZAC biscuit (bikky). ANZAC is an acronym for Australian New Zealand Army Corp. The ANZAC biscuit was developed during WWI when there was a shortage of eggs. The biscuits were sent in care packages to the troops (Australian and New Zealand) away at war. Thanks to my dear friend Maggy Dent of Glen Innes, NSW for this great recipe. [read more]

Egg Noodles

Use eggs from pastured hens for healthy looking noodles rather than pasty white ones. [read more]

Egg Noodles w/Sausage & Kale*

Adapted from recipe in the March 2006 Gourmet magazine. [read more]

Lamb Bratwurst Potato Soup

1 lb lamb bratwurst, fully cooked, diced 2 medium potatoes, diced 2 cups water 1 medium onion, chopped 1/2 tsp salt dash of pepper (optional) 4 cups shredded cabbage (i used pak choy) 3 cups milk, divided 2 tablespoons, whole wheat flour 1 cup shredded cheese (i used cheddar) [read more]

Unleavened Bread - Simple

[read more]

Dry-Curried Green Beans

From June 2006 Gourmet Magazine. [read more]

Lamb Curry

Enjoy this excellent new favourite of our family, complements of Mrs. Renee Looy from Florence, Ky, about whom her husband describes as 'Cook Extraordinaire!' Mark Looy is a friend who works for Answers in Genesis, a Christian ministry that 'upholds the authority of the Bible from the very first verse.' Find more information about them and the Creation Museum being built in northern Kentucky at [read more]


[read more]

Pastel de Choclo

[read more]

Egg Nog

One quart real milk [read more]

Three Bean Bake

[read more]

Breakfast (Brecky) Cornbread

Though entitled 'breakfast,' I have yet to fix it for that meal; it works great for supper (tea). [read more]

Skillet Brecky

6 eggs 1/2 to 1 lb cooked and crumbled lamb sausage or beef bacon 1 small onion, diced or 3 green onions chopped 2 med potatoes sliced thin 2 med sweet potatoes sliced thin Salt and pepper to taste [read more]

Jessica's Egg Tips

[read more]