Barefoot and in the Kitchen

Barefoot and in the Kitchen

Today must surely and finally be the intro to spring.  I spent the day gardening, barefooted.   the temps were nice, only a slight breeze, and the sun shone most of the day.  though i'm a pathetic gardener, i keep trying and today really put in the time.  Seven rows of sweet corn (we don't eat much corn), 4 hills of acorn squash, 2 hills of waltham squash, 7 short rows of okra went into one 12x12 patch.  Thirty strawberry plants in another.  However, before planting those, i dug up the soil and laid a thick layer of newspapers then covered them over with the soil.  Hopefully this will keep the weeds battled back a bit.  Oodles of salad greens are poking up through the ground and mucho snow peas (that's one of my favourites, i just eat them straight off the vine!)  and some of Dallas' potatoes are just barely starting to show. 

Out of bread this morning, so the start of the day found me in the kitchen (and barefoot again!) with making 2-hour buns.  Too easy.  The recipe can be found on this web site, however, for this batch, I made these modifications:  instead of 8 cups unbleached white flour, i used 2 cups oat flour, 2 cups stone-ground wheat, and 5 cups unbleached white flour.

Also, started a 5 lb grass-finished beef brisket.  This will roast for about 5 hours on 325 - 350 degrees.  Keep about 1/4-1/2 inch of water in the pan for best results.  This brisket was covered in organic barbeque sauce and was exceptionally tender and tasty.  Thinly sliced strips placed on those homemade buns, served with lightly steamed broccoli.  Yum, excellent lunch!

Posted: 2008-04-21

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