Selected More Cows

Selected More Cows

Another day spent in Kahoka resulted in us selecting and bringing home 30 more of the cows we purchased from Scott.  Ten more are needed to fulfill our 60 head purchase.  Scott will bring down 10 he thinks we will like sometime later this week.  Several of those calved in the past day and the calves were really too young to be mustered and hauled around.  Too much stress!

That was pretty much the day of it.  Scott used to be involved with US Wellness Meats grassfed beef and other products, but is not any longer. 

Our three children are plenty old enough now to hold down the fort for a day or two.  We've never left them overnight, but they could manage it, I'm sure.  Plus, their grandparents live just up the road and their great aunt lives just down the road.  We have neighbours fairly close by as well, who would drop everything to help them if necessary.  It is such a blessing to live in close-knit communities.   


Posted: 2008-04-29

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