A New Musician in the House

A New Musician in the House

Jessica's good friend, Kaitlynn Reichert, stayed the night last night after yesterday's lovely meal and afternoon with all her family here.

Now, she is practicing her piano.  She doesn't bring sheet music with her, it's in her head as she has thus far run through "The Secret Marriage," or "Il matrimonio segreto" (a song from the opera of the same name by Cimarosa) and "Minuet in A minor." 

Trimmed around the garden, watered my hanging pots, cleaned house, soaked up some sun, went horseback riding.  Allen, John, and Dallas are replacing some penta-treated posts which had rotted off at the ground with some hedge posts.  I did take them some water to drink.  Obviously, they are working much harder than I am.  Jessica is at her bank job and Nathan is staying with his grandparents this afternoon after having ridden his bicycle up there.



Posted: 2008-05-19

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