The Master's Ranch Update

The Master's Ranch Update

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Wow! what happened to spring?  Appears we are going straight into summer with these warm temps and no rain. 
I apologise for sending an update so closely following the previous one, however, i suddenly have a large quantity of ground beef from a bull.  The flavour is great, but it does have a bit different texture than meat from a younger animal.  It works great for anything, though i don't like it as much for grilling burgers. However, in a blind taste test, Dallas (the middle child), preferred the grilled bull burgers over the ground beef from a younger animal.  Nevertheless, if you are needing a quantity of ground beef, this might be the thing for you at $2.50/lb plus shipping.  Our days of shipping two day ground are becoming more and more scarce as summer approaches.  If you are interested in purchasing any beef or lamb, let me know and your check will be held until the meat can be shipped.
This ground bull burger won't be on the web site for a bit since my brother, who does the site, has taken a church youth group to Gulfport, MS for disaster relief work.  (that's the reason for sending the update; please forward this to anyone you think might be interested.)
However, if you prefer the regular ground beef, there is plenty available along with most other cuts. 
Attached are Lamb and Beef Processing charts to help those of you who have purchased those items. You may e-mail them back with your choices and i'll turn them in to the butcher or you may contact the butcher directly after delivery. The meat will be in your name. 
There are still lambs available for purchase.  If you would like a Beef and/or Lamb Retail cut out chart e-mailed to you, just let me know.  They are 290 KB and 110 KB pdf files, respectively.
Any questions, please feel free to contact me!
In Christ,

Also for sale:
Eggs:  from pastured hens, $2.00 dozen for large.
Wool: from Shetland Sheep.  Raw, unwashed available soon.  Processed wool in natural colours available now in roving and batting.
Oil lamp wick: in 1/2" ($.085/inch) and 1" ($.11/inch) widths.  Unbleached, all cotton.                                   Cut to desired length. 
Insulated Shipping Boxes:  1TK21:  $10.00 (17x14x14)
                                                  1PC53: $15.00 (23x16x17.5)

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Posted: 2006-04-17

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