The Master's Ranch Update - November, 2007

The Master's Ranch Update - November, 2007

"We should eat those foods which will spoil, rot, sour, ferment, mildew or develop a bad odor, but, of course, we should eat them before this happens."  
       Dr. E.V. McCollum, John Hopkins professor, John Hopkins Gazette online, October 2, 2000, Volume 30, Number 5.
Ground Bull Beef:  let me know straightaway if you are interested in purchasing a bulk amount of ground beef!
Gift steak and lamb boxes available soon!
The shipping boxes and the decorative packaging are on their way. 
Watch the website or this newsletter for photos, descriptions, and availability!
The recipes and stories sections on our website are in pretty good shape now and even has a search mode, whereby you may type in the cut of meat you are seeking and it will sort through and find those recipes which mention that particular cut.  Now, I'm not guaranteeing that aren't some gliches in some of it all.  It would be especially helpful if you would let me know if you find anything out of sorts.
Eggs are in huge demand and as usual this is the slowest time of the year for the chooks to be laying since it is getting colder, the days are getting shorter, the grass is starting to go dormant or is too mature for them to enjoy, plus the bugs are about done for the year.  So please be patience with our chooks as they do their very best without artificial heat or light as is done in the confinement situations.  We give our girls a bit of natural rest.
The blankets are disappearing quickly, so please order soon, if you plan to choose one for a special person in your life - or, perhaps, even for yourself.  Jessica may have to raise the price of her blankets with the next batch made.  You see, the value of the Canadian dollar is now at its highest level against the US dollar since the Civil War!  This exchange rate has taken of big bite out of the profitability of having those blankets made from the wool of Jessica's sheep.
A fresh supply of lamb bratwursts and sausage is in.  The butcher shop did not understand that the collagen casings were to be the larger size.  So what i have are the smaller diameter sausages and no larger sized ones and no sausages with lamb casings.  After having reminded them 3 times, needless to say i was flabbergasted when they called me early the morning to make them up and no lamb casings.  Well, not of eternal consequences, so not to worry, maybe they'll do better next time.  It's good to know that i'm not the only one making mistakes.  At some point we'll try again and will let you know.  Brats are made with organic milk from our neighbour's grass-based dairy and our farm fresh eggs rather than the powdered flavouring packet which contained msg.  I will no longer have brats made with msg.  Collagen casings do not contain pork products like most natural casings do.  I specifically request lamb casings for the smaller diameter brats.
The sausage is slightly milder than last year's mix and is quite good as well. 
Pennsylvania has now banned labelling which informs the consumer that some milk is hormone-free.  New Jersey and Ohio are seriously considering following suit.  The Pennsylvania State Ag Secretary, Dennis Wolff says that advertising one brand of milk as free from artifical hormones implies that competitors' milk isn't safe, and it often comes with what he says is an unjustified higher price.  Monsanto is the producer of the synthetic hormone, recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST)  in question.  The hormone is banned in the European Union, Canada, Australia, and Japan, largely due to the concern that it may be harmful to herd health.  Monsanto beats out the consumer again!

Tauna,  Thanks for the wonderful lamb. That was the best lamb we have had! It was extremely tender and tasty. Do you feed the lamb any grains? We will definitely be buying from you again. 

Rodney, (Austin, TX)



Tauna's response:  thank you for your kind words, Rodney.  In answer to your question, no we have never fed grains to any of our sheep; they are strictly pasture-fed.  It's a bit of stretch to call sheep grass-fed, since they absolutely love weeds, herbs, and other forbs.  even the tiny leaves on the rancher's nemesis; multi-flora rose bush.



Hi Tauna,

I was eyeing some more lamb sausage (so good) and clicked on the shipping rates. The link doesn't seem to work. It may be my computer because it seems like I had this problem once before. Argh.
Thanks for the lamb brats and the ribeyes are outstanding. My husband travels constantly for work. He often eats in five star restaurants (lucky him) and the only thing he ever orders is fillet. He LOVES the ribeye and so did the rest of it. It was so good. It is the best steak I've had in years. Thanks again!
Take care,
Shelly, (Chesterfield, MO)
p.s. Did you ever consider Christmas steak gift boxes?

Tauna's response:  it is better if shipping rates are no longer listed on my site.  Fedex announced another 5% increase to take effect in December.  Christmas steak gift boxes?  good idea. thanks, Shelly.  i'm always open to ideas from my customers!  there are a few bundle ideas for gift giving in the yellow flyer sent out this month as well. 

Would you like to help homeschooling families with your online shopping?  just click the link below for a list of retailers who donate a portion of the sale to HSLDA.  It costs you nothing and the whole process is handled by the company.  Just click the link to the retailer and order as you normally would.  Thank you in advance!

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