The Master's Ranch Update

The Master's Ranch Update

The Master's Ranch Update
15 November 2006   
My brother and I are rapidly updating the web site to make if far more user-friendly.    Soon we will have more info and photos on the wool blankets, cooking mixes, roving, batting, and soap.  (QUILTERS!  looking for all-natural fill for your quilts?  consider Jessica's wool batting, 2 sections laid flat make a crib size quilt) Additionally, you will be afforded the opportunity to use paypal.  In the meantime, don't hesitate to e-mail for photos or more info and good personal cheques have been working just fine. 
I just picked up a new batch of lamb sausage and brats.  Our family did a taste test on the brats tonight and the results were unanimous that the all-natural lamb brats in lamb casings are tastier than the brats in the collagen made with a mix containing msg.  Not that the msg ones were bad, actually, they are quite good, with just a touch more spice than those made with our farm-fresh eggs and purchased milk (no msg!).  None of our sausage or bratwurst products contain pork; only lamb.  We are very excited about offering these brats.  They are not precooked, but don't let that deter you.  The natural lamb brats make a great breakfast link as well, which we discovered this morning. 
Don't forget about the hand-woven 100% Shetland wool blankets we have for sale this year.  If you'd like to see photos straightaway, e-mail me and i'll send them to you.  These are not thin, flimsy wool blankets you might find at a cheaper price.  Each 4'x6' blanket weighs a generous 3+ pounds with only a 1/2" fringe.  They come individually boxed with tissue paper and a informative greeting card and a placard telling about the unique qualities of what may well have been the first material used for clothing. They are priced at $200.  These make thoughtful, practical gifts.  Keep one in your car for emergencies, wrap up in one whilst reading, or whilst attending an outdoor sporting event.  Are they washable?  Yes, just don't make it a habit and don't agitate!  Hang to dry. Use them and, treated with care, they will last more than a lifetime.  These blankets are woven from the wool from Jessica's sheep raised right here out back of our house and woven in Canada since the mill there would use exclusively her wool for these 'one of a kind' treasures. There are seven colour patterns utilising the natural wool colours of her sheep.
We finally have an authorised Fedex shipping office in Brookfield, which is just 7 miles from our house, so i can reasonably use their services now for shipping.  Hooray!  Many of the places which take 4 days via UPS only take 3 days via Fedex.  Fedex even offers Saturday delivery to most places for just a few dollars more.  So let me know what you'd like to order and I will compare rates for the best shipping option for you.  With it being much colder now for the next few months, 3-days enroute should work.
We'll keep you updated as to when the web site has taken new form. 
Have a grateful and blessed Thanksgiving!
In Christ,

Also for sale:
Eggs: from pastured hens, $2.00 dozen for large
Wool: from Shetland Sheep.  raw fleeces and processed wool in natural colours available now in roving and batting.
Cooking Mixes: various prices; watch for more info on web site
Soap:  3 kinds, tallow/olive oil, tallow/glycerin added, and a dirty hands kind with a bit of eggshell for mild abrasive. $2 and $3 sizes
Oil Lamp Wick:  in 1/2" ($.085/inch) and 1" ($.11/inch) widths.  Unbleached, all cotton. Cut to desired lengths.
Insulated Shipping Boxes: 1TK21: $10.00 (17x14x14)
                                             1PC53: $15.00 (23X16X17)

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Posted: 2006-11-15

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