Egg in a Nest

Egg in a Nest

INGREDIENTS: sliced bread (try whole-wheat!) farm fresh eggs from pastured hens butter from pastured cows DIRECTIONS: Over low-medium heat, melt butter and place slices of whole wheat bread. Using a small glass or cookie cutter, cut out the centre of each slice. Place the round also in the pan to toast. After the pan is heated break a small or pullet-size egg in the cut out centre of each slice. Cover pan and cook until eggs are set. You may want to flip them over if you want the yolks hard cooked. This is a simple, healthy, and tasty family favorite meal, which great Aunt June taught the children how to make by themselves.

Posted: 2007-01-01

Reader Comments

We have been making these for quite some time. They are also called "Hole in Ones" and "Gas House Eggs". We do not cover the pan ever, just put the bread in pan first so it gets a head start on browning, then after adding egg, when it is ready to flip, do that instead of covering so that both sides of bread get toasted. We like to take the circles that we cut out and toast them in butter in the pan after finished with the "Egg in a Nest". YUM!