The Master's Ranch/Sunrise Pastures - January 2008

The Master's Ranch/Sunrise Pastures - January 2008

Ground Bull Beef - there is still 1/4 beef(209 lb hanging weight) available if you are interested.  cost is $1.80/lb hanging weight with an expected yield of about 125 lbs packaged weight or $3/lb.  bear in mind that if the yield is less, then i'll adjust the hanging weight price so that you will not be paying more than $3/lb.    I need to know by Monday morning if you'd like to purchase the 1/4 or even an 1/8th.  The beef is processed in Marceline and available for pickup there unless you request shipping.  Shipping and handling would be extra.
Pastured eggs - now that the days are getting longer and we've included organic soybeans in the hens' diets, the girls are laying nearly 3 dozen eggs a day now and increasing every day.  Hooray!  There are several of you waiting for eggs and we will soon be able to meet those large orders.  Thank you so much for your patience!
Beef Price Increase- Sadly, the prices went up on USDA beef cuts.  However, for now, i plan to hold the line on the non-USDA whole and half  beef purchases.  Those of you who have been purchasing large amounts of USDA packages may want to consider booking a whole or half beef for May delivery.  If you don't need that much, find a friend and share.  Even a half beef can be shared as a 'split side.'  There are several of you in the St. Louis area making larger purchases which have been shipped to you via Fedex.  If we can build on that a bit,  it might be that i can make a delivery run (which can include beef, lamb, eggs, and any of the non-perishable items  we have) to a single location in the St Louis area in May.  Something to think about anyway.  Depending on interest level, we may also be able to work out bringing pastured broilers (Jordan and Anne Bentley) and organic grass-based milk and butter (Kerry and Barb Buchmayer ( as well.  These items would be supplied by friends of ours who live in our area.
Lamb prices held steady for now - including whole lamb purchases
feel free to pass this on to anyone you think may be interested. 
thanks so much!
Food News:  According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, meat and milk from cloned animals is expected to receive clearance as safe to eat from the FDA as early as next week.
Margaret Wittenberg, global vice president for Whole Foods Markets is quoted saying "The lack of of effective governmental oversight and tracking could mean consumers will lose the ability to choose clone-free products." 
 I disagree, wholeheartedly -- more government oversight and control is NOT the answer.  With a bit of effort, consumers can choose wholesome, healthy foods which are not genetically modified or cloned or fed genetically modified grains.  Within 30 miles of us, we can buy beef, lamb, eggs (of course), but also, pastured broilers, organic grass-based milk (fresh even!), turkey, freshly baked organic whole wheat bread, and vegetables and fruits in season.  Organic flour, dried beans, rice and other grains etc we purchase through United Natural Foods coop which delivers to a town nearby once a month.  
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Posted: 2008-01-06

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where are the wool products you have in the Ad in the Today's Farmer Mag?

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