Books and Tires

Books and Tires

Jessica’s presentation at the Bookstore was well attended and appreciated. We are thankful the Uptain’s are organizing this great opportunity to introduce to the community the local artisans, entrepreneurs, and other cottage industries operating within Linn County.

Dallas, Jessica, and I hauled a pickup load of old books from Lloyd and Dorothy’s basement (with their permission, of course), then unloaded them into our garage for sorting. All of us are excited about going through the boxes of books to look for treasure, though many of them are far too damaged to be of any value and those we will simply take to Green Hills Recyclers. So far, based on offerings listed on, we’ve identified about $400 worth of books. That sounds exciting, but considering the time required to research the value, determine how to price based on the condition, and, in some cases, taking photos and downloading those, there isn’t much to pay for one’s time. (Plus they do have to sell) However, we all enjoy digging through and finding treasures and like most treasure hunting, it is dirty, dusty work with a fair amount of sneezing going on!

Mr. Uptain had shared in one of his presentations at the Bookstore, what sounds like a great idea – raising potatoes in a stack of tires (or anything you can reliable stack up about 3 feet high). The Internet yielded some interesting stories of others doing this as well, with the top producer growing 38 lbs of potatoes from three eyes! Imagine the convenience of growing potatoes vertically and possibly storing the potatoes in that stack for the winter. Of course, I must try it and have bothered the boys at Brookfield Tire twice for a supply of tires. They didn’t seem at all put out by loading as many tires as I wanted! The one thing I didn’t think through is how, well, for lack of a better word – trashy – stacks of tires look when they are at your home. They are stacked on the south side of the garage, so they are not visible from the road, plus this should be an excellent place to warm up for an early garden. The black tires will capture a lot of heat and while that will be great here early on, it may pose problematic later. However, with the angle of the sun such as it is in the summer and the overhang from the garage, it shouldn’t be too bad. Nevertheless, I found some old panels of slatting which will be strategically placed in front of the stacks and, once painted green and climbing flowers planted, this should eliminate both the unsightliness, as well, as any overheating problems.

We eat very little chicken, but having seen this chicken wrap meal on TV, we decided to try our own. Finding a recipe for crispy chicken batter was relatively easy and the one I found was entitled “KFC Extra Crispy (Copycat).” Since we do not use msg (monosodium glutamate), even it had to be modified, so here’s my version and unanimously, it was a hit.

Posted: 2008-03-20

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