Getting Ready for Guests

Getting Ready for Guests

Last minute cleaning up around here today in preparation for our guests arriving via motorcoach from Kansas City.  These guests are actually attendees at the National SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) Conference being held there these past 3 days.  The group will be touring the University of Missouri's FSRC (Forage Systems Research Centre), plus Eric and Hope Bright of Bucklin will be there to tell about their grass-based dairy operation and garden nursery business.  Dennis McDonald will share with them about our Green Hills Farm Project group, which is a family-oriented sustainable agriculture group which was started in 1988.  Then they bus to our place for a 'youth in agriculture' focus, which Jessica is prepared to give with support from Dallas and Nathan.  Then Jordan Bentley will tell about the mobile chicken processing unit owned by GHFP and how it works.  It has been parked at our place for a couple weeks.

 We have the garage neatly swept and straighten up in case of rain.  Plus Jessica has brochures, wool products, and soap out for viewing.  She'll have her powerpoint presentation running is anyone is interested in that as well.

I shifted the grass-finished heifers and all the sheep and lambs into the east paddock by our house for them to see and ask questions, plus Dallas moved the eggmobile up to the lot for today, so they can see what we are doing with that.


Posted: 2008-03-26

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