We are fortunate to have a reflexologist who lives near us.  She can gently push all those things that are out of alignment back in and, mercy, i do feel better after a treatment.  My osteopath doctor does a great job, too, and much more quickly, but usually i'm quite sore afterwards with his treatment.  both accomplish the same.  it is discouraging to have such a weak back.  this time, my sciatica nerve was heavily involved and affected me greatly.

Dallas went with me so he could spend the time at the library in Chillicothe.

Also, spent some time spring cleaning the boys' room whilst the wind and storm blows and threatens.  As the storms move in, the western and northern skies become a deep blue and laid against the emerging fresh green grass on the hillsides provides a striking contrast of brilliant colours.  Breathtaking.

Still too cold for the grass to really take off, but there is enough, it seems, for the finishing heifers to really wrap up a mouthful.  Cattle need a bit taller grass than sheep or horses because the don't bite with their teeth, but wrap their tongues around a wad of grass and pull it off with it, then take it into their mouths for chewing.  It is important to keep a salad bar of forages available to grass-finishing beeves. 



Posted: 2008-04-10

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