Wool Blankets

Shetland Sheep, though originally from the Shetland Islands near Scotland, thrive in Missouri, USA as well. The wool to produce this heirloom quality blanket is sheared from sheep which have never been treated with synthetic pesticides and spend their entire lives grazing the green hills region of north-central Missouri. The wool is then sent to a custom mill in Alberta Canada, whose owners will wash, spin, and hand weave our wool, on antique machines, into these lovely blankets. As with any natural product, any imperfections add to its authenticity.

A mild degreasing agent is used to wash the raw wool fleeces and no dyes are used in the making of these blankets. Colours are supplied by the natural wool coats from ewes like, 'Emma, Jewel, Angel, Spice, and Phoebe.' Your blanket is one of a kind!"

Each blanket comes carefully fitted in its own box along with a gift card telling history, care instructions and an info card about the unique characteristics of wool. They are ready for your gift-wrapping.

Easy Care and Washing Instructions Included with each blanket:  For more information, click here.

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