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Wool Socks

Jessica is offering 100% wool socks made with the fleeces of her own registered Shetland flock. Though knitted in Canada by a custom woollen mill, the sheep graze right here in the green hills of north-central Missouri. Socks are a medium weight for comfortable year-round use. Machine wash on delicate or better yet hand wash. Line dry. Wool is naturally absorbent and repels dirt. Great for diabetics, athletes, or anyone suffering foot problems, including COLD FEET! Shetland wool is a medium fibre so is not only soft and comfortable, but also durable.  Only available in 13-15 at this time.  Socks shown here are all that will be available for the foreseeable future.  (These are men's sizes, ladies order two sizes smaller)

Our socks are a dress weight easily worn in your everyday shoes.  We now offer heavier and thicker socks.  Please read the descriptions to be certain that you order what you want.

Please bear in mind that like all 100% natural fibre socks, these 100% wool socks will not wear like nylon-blends.  No way around it, the nylon knitted into the foot of the sock will make it last much longer, but for healing purposes, allergies, and all-around comfort, nothing beats all-natural fibre.

Care of Your Socks:  Wool and wool blend socks seldom need washing, but when they do, wash on delicate cycle (or hand wash), luke warm water - hang to dry - DO NOT TUMBLE DRY

LIMITED AVAILABLE - check individual sizes for availability

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100% Wool Crew Sock - Natural White (13-15)
(Men's Size 13-15 )
$12.00 per Item


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